What is Leadership Coaching?

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When I tell friends that I’m a Coach many laugh, incredulous that I can forge a living out of what seems to them to be about just having a conversation with people!   So this series seeks to expel the myth held by many in some ways and explore how to get the most out of Coaching.

The concept of Coaching means different things to many people.  We have the Sports Coach, the Performance Coach, the Life Coach and the Executive Coach (not to be confused with a mode of transport!) amongst many who purport to offer coaching services.

So what is Coaching?  Well I believe that Coaching is about supporting others to achieve what they want in life – be that to succeed in a particular role, scenario or even to change direction completely.  Words like facilitating, enabling, realising and achieving all come into play when being Coached.  And as a Coach its important that we listen and let the Client voice what it is they want without interrupting or getting involved in any way.  This can be especially difficult if asked how to do something!  More of that later…

Taking this a step further is Leadership Coaching, as it includes the impetus of success,both personally as well as in the business and for others.  Our Leadership Coaching therefore supports Leaders in all their facets – personally, as a People Manager and as Business Leader encompassing:

  • Leadership Effectiveness: developing your leadership style, understanding your emotional intelligence and enhancing your personal effectiveness
  • Leading your Team: optimising your team’s potential, considering your impact on others.
  • Leading your Business: enabling innovation, adaptation to change and improving working relationships
  • Career development – Building your vision and strategy for the future and supporting your personal success
So now you know a little more about what Leadership Coaching is, you can begin to appreciate that it’s complexity of focus lends itself to more than pure conversation.  Next time we’ll take a look at Coaching Methodology and How to Coach.
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