New Year, New You?


It’s that time of year when we all get a bit reflective and start thinking about all the things we’d like to change in the New Year.  Stopping smoking, losing weight, changing jobs…  New Years Resolutions are decided and we set out to accomplish them with fervour when January the 1st comes knocking.

Sadly, many of us set unrealistic goals without allowing for real life to intervene.  So as time goes by and the weeks roll on, things get in the way!  With this in mind I wanted to share with you the tactics that I adopted this year which worked brilliantly for me and our family.

So, last year on New Years Eve, rather than thinking about all the things I wanted to change, I started to consider the things I’d like for us as a family to accomplish.  One of these things was where we lived.  We had a fabulous flat, suitably large with loads of storage space but all on one level and not suited to family life.  Together, my then fiancee (now husband – another achievement!) and I began to consider what moving might be like.  How much could we afford, where could we live, what would the house be like, what would we need to do to move house?…  We focussed on the practicalities of actually achieving what our goal and also considered what might get in the way.  In January we put our flat on the market, in March we had a buyer and found where we wanted to live.  Finally after a rather lengthy drawn out process (much to do with the state of the market) we moved into our new home in September.

The same is true for setting any goals.  To be successful you must decide what you want to achieve in your life.  Picture it in all its context.  Draw it, map it out.  Make it something that is tangible to you.  Encourage yourself and those who have a part in your life, that you will be successful in achieving your ambition. Make sure you involve all concerned.  Separate what’s important about your goal from what might get in the way or distract you.  Put an action plan in place for all eventualities.  Finally Motivate yourself – be it words on your bathroom mirror or signs on your fridge.  Remind yourself of what you want every day.

It needn’t be complicated.  Good Luck!