Getting things into Perspective – Where are you now?

We spent some time looking at Mission Statements in my last post.  Now it’s time to make sure you’re living your life according to it.  I like to use something called the Change Chart for this.

Consider your life right now and all the things within it. How happy and satisfied are you?  Use the chart below to map this out using 1 as a low score and 10 as a high score.  Change the headings to something relevant for you if needs be.  Take time on each section to consider your thoughts and feelings for each area and fill each section of the chart from the centre outwards.


Now consider:

  • Which areas of your life need attention?
  • Which areas of your life are you happiest with?
  • Which areas of your life are the most significant?
  • What goals have/can you set for each area of your life to achieve?
  • How do these fit into your Mission Statement?