5 Key Aspects of Coaching?

So we’ve considered what Coaching is, it’s benefits, how to find a coach and what a coach isn’t.  I’d like to take a look at five important elements of Coaching today.

To be able to move towards your goals you need to be able to talk about yourself in some detail and perhaps refer to situations relating to your beliefs, values, aspirations, current challenges and opportunities.   A climate of trust and confidentiality are critical to ensuring this.  I always assure my clients that no element of what we discuss will be divulged outside the confines of the Coaching relationship.*

Advice giving
I’ve talked about this before but it’s important to remember that your coach shouldn’t tell you what to do.  It’s up to you to take responsibility for getting the results that you want.  How committed you are towards this is how successful you will be at achieving your dreams.  Consider your motivation, self-believe, self-discipline and willingness to change and challenge here.

An Appreciative Approach
As humans we’re exceptionally good at stepping away from taking action.  Be it anxiety, procrastination, worry or negativity that gets in the way.  By using an appreciative approach you work on what you want rather than what you don’t want.  You’ll face options, rather than constraints.

Your Coach will help you to identify the steps you need to take to step forward and shrug off those negative behaviours and patterns.  By identifying that they exist and using an appreciative approach, you will understand that what you want really is possible, and you’ll set off on this path of achievement.

Monitoring your Progress
Through the course of your Coaching your coach should establish and agree outcomes and actions that you’re working on at each step of the way.  You are accountable for these actions and your part within them, just as your coach should be accountable for ensuring that goals are set and reviewed.

Most of our clients also use a reflective journal or diary in which they jot down how they’re getting on, the progress they’re making toward their goals and any obstacles they encounter on the way.  This self reflection really does enhance awareness of yourself and is also something that we will discuss at our regular sessions.

Right here, Right now
Being in the moment is another important difference about Coaching.  We look at where you are right now rather than on where you’ve been.  By adopting this method, we see options, challenges and opportunities ahead, rather than on preconceptions and baggage.

*Unless of course there is some legal or medical reason that prevents this ie a crime has been committed or I’m concerned for my clients health and safety.