4 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Coach

So you’ve established you need a Coach.  Now how are you going to find them.  Here are four questions I’d recommend you to consider before you hire a coach.

1) Who are they?  The first step is to do a little research.  In my experience my coaching work has come through word of mouth.  People like people like them, and in this case, who they believe do a good job.  So who do you know who has a Coach?  What do they believe makes their Coach work best for them?   If this isn’t an avenue you can explore, take a peek at Linked In and see if there’s anyone there that is known to your network firstly, or secondly that you like the look of.  Before you start a conversation I’d suggest that you research their background as far as you can, how do they help people?  What are their areas of expertise and credentials.  Usually you can find this on their websites.

2) Do you like what they have to say?  The rapport that you get when you’ve found the right coach is palpable.  The same can be said for when you haven’t found the right coach.  A starting point is to see if you like what they say on their website or on the phone when you call them.  The relationship you will forge together is crucial to the success of your Coaching so be sure to spend time on this and trust your instincts.

3) How will you work together?  Many coaches offer telephone/Skype or internet coaching rather than face-to-face meetings.  Does this work for you?  You may want to fit your coaching in in the evenings after the activities of day have died down.  Do they offer flexible coaching sessions?  What resources do they have to give you?  I provide resource packs to our clients which we work on through our coaching programmes.  It’s a great way to evaluate how you’re getting on, plus gives you something to do between coaching sessions – like you’ll need that excuse !

4) How much will it cost?  I’ve left this till last purposefully as it’s often the stopping point for many.  Coaching works – FACT.  However, a good coach comes with a cost.    Consider what you get for the money.  Your coach should be able to  give you testimonials/references so you can vouch for their services but is this enough.  We offer a free try-before-you-buy session so that you can test out our services.  Do they?  Focus on the outcomes of what having a coach will give you.  It may be that your business will co-fund a coach or that funding is available (in the past this was the case for SMEs).  Talk to your coach about what is possible for you.